I’ve been asking myself this question ever since learning the new coaching of the unconscious mind.
I’ve uncovered the benefits of using my imagination and coaching the unconscious mind, and I love it!
I love it when I get to change that general feeling of malaise that pops in occasionally.
I love it when I get to change that feeling of envy when I see a fellow coach celebrating something I want to celebrate.
I love it when I get to change that feeling of boredom when I …. actually, I can’t even remember when that was BECAUSE I CHANGED IT, and I still love it!
I also love it when I am procrastinating over something, writing a blog, an email, returning a phone call or whatever
  • So, next time you FEEL that way that you don’t want to feel,
  • the next time you’re not doing what you want to be doing because you don’t FEEL like it…
Ask yourself… “how I you want to feel instead?
And follow it up by playing a little, or perhaps by using your imagination…


What it will feel like when you feel the way you want to feel.

When you’re being the person, you want to be.

When you’re doing the things, you want to be doing.

Imagine when you’re completing that project, handing in that assignment, lodging that application, and posting that message.

What is it like NOW that you are doing that?

Now you are getting it done.

Imagine it DONE.
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