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Take a journey into believing in yourself to live the life with Confidence, Ease & Joy you really want

“I know what to do. I just don’t do it”  is one of the biggest struggles.

Together, you can do it and achieve more!

Take a journey into saying Yes To You!

What is Life Coaching?

I have heard Life Coaching described as

  •  The weirdest thing ever 


  • The coolest thing ever

 Just like when you have an overgrown garden – some people see it as a scrappy mess in need of a plan and organisation to others they see an exciting jungle ready for exploration.

Coaching is kind of similar;

You can create the plan and organisation you want


You can create an exploration of what’s possible! 


How do I Know It’s Right for Me?

Coaching is right if you are…

  • Stuck in a constant cycle of worry
  • Struggling with changes 
  • Feeling a lot of overwhelm getting through big questions
  • Suffering from self-judgement & no self-compassion

Future Planning

Goal Success happens when you know how to decide on purpose where you are going and how to get there. 

Naturally Calm

Becoming Naturally Calm comes from practice and achieving small steps towards your desired results.  

Self Care

We are not generally taught self-compassion – Saying yes to you means learning how to look out for your own needs. 


Online Academy:

Workshops, Products & Services

Start now!

Letting Go!

When holding on is weighing you down. Discover how you can let go and set yourself free.


Finding a Balance

Learning form your actions and choose how to progress

Relationship To Money

Reset your relationship with money beginning with the Free Money Consciousness quiz!.

I Help You Build Healthy Habits & Realistic Routines

Most of us live on autopilot. It’s what our brains are designed for. 

Working with a coach allows you to see what isn’t working and to decide how and what to do differently, to test and tweak!

Working with a coach means you are guaranteed to move your life in the direction you want, rather than the one on default. 


Further Guidance & Courses

Access guided meditations and online training.

Naturally Calm

Discover that you can meditate with this guided 2-minute invitation to calm

Magnetise Your Public Speaking

Feeling safe and grounded while public speaking

Have Time On Your Side

Find out where your time is going and creative ways to create more

Relationship To Sleep

Sleep helps regenerate the body and mind.

Healthy Sleep for a healthy future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works

How can i find out about coaching?

Reach out to Lynne directly by messenger or email and ask any questions.

When you are ready to find out if coaching is for you, book your complimentary life audit here

How long do I have access?

All coaching clients receive all resources as part of their package with lifetime access. 

After you sign up or purchase a course or meditation you have life time access.

How do the meditations work?

Choose your meditation.

Find a quiet place, be in a comfortable position (laying down or sitting)

Push play and listen 

– Finding Calm – 2-minutes

– Magnetize Your Public Speaking – 7-minutes

– EFT Tapping for Anxiety & Worry – 16-minutes

What Happens next?


Click here and make your choice from a free or paid course followed by immediate access online.

Coaching Consultation:

Click here and you’ll be taken directly to a booking form, answer some questions, choose your time and receive the link. See you soon!!

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