3 Steps To Stop Questioning & Doubting… So You Can Sleep.

Wondering why you lay awake questioning and doubting so much of what you do.

Click play >> to discover why & the three steps I take to END questioning 99% of everything I do to..

A. Bypass the drama, B. Go after my dreams AND C. Sleep at night!

(head to 3.22 to jump to the steps).

After watching, you can download the companion guide –3 phases to possibilities, below, and see which step you’d like to take.

Thinking about creating changes in your life?

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Sleep gets easier when life feels fulfilling 👉  Check out the testimonials below; which do you want?

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I had my initial consultation for life coaching with Lynne Durham and I found the questions she asks really get into the issues and she has a great listening ear and a way of seeing and working with you that is unique so if you really want to get through your blocks.

I would highly recommend having a consultation with her and exploring what is holding you back to get you going in living your life again. 

Jaymini Mistry

Being an entrepreneur is not always easy and glamorous as it seems. Being always on the go, taking care of your business, projects and and family at the same time, there is never enough time for self-reflection and self-love – the most important factors that bring us closer to our true purpose and success in life.

 Meeting Lynne and taking one of her programs, brought so much joy, love and care to my life and helped me significantly work on my entrepreneurial mindset and self-care. Thanks to her guidance and coaching, I’m more aware of myself. I defined and adopted daily success habits, started meditating and started believing in myself even more.

 Thank you, Lynne for your beautiful coaching sessions and program that helped me to bring me closer to my “true self”. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you and learning from you!”

Anna North-Row

I recently had a life coaching session with Lynne Durham and she helped me pinpoint and see my limiting issue with clairty and a new perspective which was greatly freeing. In the days that followed I was able to achieve my desired outcome and have continued to build on this confidence and trust in my abilities in that particular area of my life. 

I thoroughly recommend Lynne for anyone wanting to shift their perspective on their current situation in life, set and achieve new goals and grow further into their potential.

Lynne is a PT for the mind.

Sophia Davis