Are You Feeling Unsatisfied?

No Matter How Hard You Try?

Helping high achievers live the life of their dreams


Learn to listen IN to what you need and make heartfelt choices. YOU are able to achieve your goals and enrich your life and best of all, have FUN!

  • You’re a successful and motivated professional.

  • You want to bring your fun and success into your life outside of work.

  • You’re a high-achiever and you want to progress. You want to grow.
You find yourself regularly losing confidence. Self-doubt creeps in. You’re feeling stuck & just not enjoying life!
You catch yourself engaging in negative behaviour.
It’s often difficult to find motivation and you find yourself getting annoyed.
You’ve been working and working and working – it doesn’t seem to be making enough difference.
You’ve done all the courses, implemented all the business strategies, dabbled in various concepts and
you’ve heard a lot of woo woo suggestions.
What’s the solution? Work with me.


What if there was a regular session every week you get to talk to co-workers?

What if there was a regular session every week you get to brainstorm?

Accountability & productivity & getting stuff done every week!

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Is it time to get OFF the weight loss roller coaster?

How many memberships & fitness programs have gone to waste?

Are you purchasing program after program and not completing them?

Do you want to finally be able to make a fitness program work?

Isn’t it time to actually see A RETURN from all that money paid out and move towards your goals?


It is time to stop wasting your money on unused gym memberships, diets and programs – learn how to make them work for you.



Are you tired of the drudgery and ready to Live The Life You Want!

Do you feel like you’re stuck?

Are you looking for a way to actually achieve your goals?

Have you been too busy focusing on all the doing and not enough on your own satisfaction? 

Isn’t it time to find out what brings you Joy and ways to achieve it?


It is time to step up, be present and learn to …


Hello, I’m Lynne, welcome to my site.


I am glad you are here, I am so  lucky to be able to work with wonderful professionals like you who enjoy creating confidence in themselves to live and enjoy the life you want.

Maybe you are ready to make changes now.

Join me and start by taking small steps to get big results.

Isn’t it time you make the choice to create the life you want where you actually get to DO those things you’re currently only dreaming of??

Lynne has a warm and non-judgemental approach to coaching.

She held space well for me creating confidence and trust.

She helped me to move forward in my thinking by asking pertinent questions and not letting me off the hook. Ben

BDS Consulting

I feel stronger and more confident than before taking the course.

I’m more aware of myself. I defined and adopted daily success habits, started meditating and started believing in myself even more.



North-Row Consultancy



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