Worried about burnout?

Worry is the brain’s default and when we add burnout on top it is a heavy weight to bear. 

Some symptoms to look out for and what to do to help – listen by clicking the arrow above

  • Slipping up & not paying enough attention to the details
  • Absenteeism escalating 
  • Dreaming of giving up
  • Searching for something better

You can help yourself.

  • Acknowledge burnout is a possibility and that you are doing something to help yourself. 
    • We can’t change anything if we are in denial 
  • Start writing yourself notes of what’s keeping your mind busy.
    • A regular schedule of 5 to 20 minutes each day to write sentences or simply list bullet points of what is going on, and what’s not feeling good.
  • Identify and do what eases your burnout.
    • Is it time with friends, talking to your coach (yeah, that’s me) or taking a bubble bath, a dance class? Take steps to consciously release the burden and put yourself into a happier state. 

Burnout doesn’t have to mean losing hope. 

Burnout can be averted.

Once you see what’s not working, in real-time, you will be able to release the hold it has on you.

  • Begin your journey out of burnout today!
  • Your bank balance will thank you. 
  • Your family will thank you
  • Your friends will thank you
  • Your career will thank you

Most of all

  • YOU will thank you!

Begin taking these steps to avoid burnout today. 

This is how I help my clients. 

Reach out today if you’re ready to get help out of burnout.