Shifting into a better life isn’t going to happen when you stay stuck.

A major problem with staying stuck is it leads to burnout.

Not on my watch will I let you go through burnout.

So, is it time to get unstuck? Being an executive life coach I aim to make any shift as easy as possible; sometimes that means playing games!

Let’s play the “I” game…

Repeat after me;

I will…

  • Identify what change I want.
  • Invite that change into my life.
  • Intentionally create one step towards that change.
  • Include the “I am working on this change” affirmation.
  • Insist on self-compassion no matter what.
  • Implement new success habits.
  • Instigate the evaluation process.

Now you have the ‘I’ list;

You can implement this list, and you will get unstuck.

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