Are your routines working FOR you?

Or are they causing more stress?

Today is about how you can remove stress and perhaps upgrade your routine or downgrade your routine or change your routine… if you are in a routine. Watch the video or read more for the bits I missed below.

Whatever it is that is making your stress show up, know it is really important for you to find out what can you do to create a situation where you’re not stressing out.

  • Look for ways you can make your life easier.


  • Can you change something in your routine, are there some things that you absolutely “have” to do or do you only “think” you have to do it?


  • Take a look at what you think you have to do and see where you can make changes
    • These changes can be temporary or permanent – asses if the tasks something you really need to do.


  • Is there something you can put off till next week or next month? If you have a stress on your life which you can’t change – look at your routine; use a calendar and check the blocks of time allocated for each task – see where you can pick areas out that you might temporarily change – take out a to-do task and set a reminder for next week (or next month) when you know you’ll have more time.


  • Is there someone who can help you with your tasks? Accepting outside help shows strength, not weakness.


  • Use a life balance chart to check out exactly where your stress is coming from and where you might choose to put more nurturing into your life.

If you are struggling to find ways to release your stress, I recommend coaching because coaching will definitely make your life easier.  It will allow you the space to clear your thinking and to let you figure out where you can make your life easier.

If something is stressing you.. if you are aware of it and you are eating more than you normally do or being upset or yelling at your loved ones; you will find coaching is definitely a pathway to your solution.

So try cutting something out of your life or putting/pushing off a to-do list and give yourself some space.

Filling your cup is vital before you will be able to fill anyone else’s.

If someone is relying on you, be the best version of yourself you can be!

Book a free discovery session and let me know what you realised you can let go of and how it has reduced your stress.