Lynne Durham Holding On

Lynne Durham Roadblock #2 Holding On

When a dog has a ball or a bone, they enjoy holding on, they WON’T LET GO! They have fun with this and it is a part of their life.

Unfortunately, it isn’t the same with us, holding on weighs us down, and what makes us hold on is our thoughts.

They are the thoughts that keep reoccurring in our minds, the ones we turn into beliefs.

Have you ever felt that you just can’t stop obsessing on something? Those repeat thought habits.

That thing could sound like;

  • I can’t do that / say that or
  • I don’t think it’s possible to really know what I want to do, be or have. or
  • I don’t have an inner superwoman (or man), and that is why I can’t make ‘this thing’ work out for me
  • That person is judging me
  • I blame you for this and it isn’t fair
  • I feel so much shame over X
  • I am afraid to XX because I might fail.
  • What if it doesn’t work

It’s a thought that feels true, it is on autopilot and it keeps reoccurring.

And, you know this is a roadblock because, when this happens, it isn’t supporting happiness or success!

This is roadblock number 2: Holding on.

Think about the thoughts that keep occurring on repeat, in your mind.

Those are the ones that you don’t think you have any say over.

Those are the thoughts you are consciously OR unconsciously, holding on to,

This was a big one for me. (Well, they’re all big ones for me)

I discovered some insidious thoughts!

On the outside, they appear to be small and irrelevant.

But, when I look at them more closely, and I look at their repeat pattern I see how they sneak into daily life.

  • I see how and when I am holding on, and I see that in my clients as well.

Because of that, I have created the first module of online training & workbook, it works specifically on this roadblock #2 Holding On. You can find out more about that here

What thoughts are you holding onto?

  • Are you angry at someone for something they did years ago?
  • Are you feeling guilty about something you did and no-one else remembers?
  • Have you built up resentment towards someone or something?
  • Are you feeling hurt because someone did or said something mean to you?
  • Are you blaming your ancestors for your body or hair?
  • Are you feeling a lack of control?

I have a solution.

  1. Take action today, click here
  2. Set aside 20-minutes to go through the training
  3. Pat yourself on the back for letting go!!

You’ve got this!

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