* Did you promise yourself you’d be way further along?

* Is your inner bully yelling because you aren’t planning & keeping your promises?

Are you ready to get unstuck?

What is it about making and keeping promises that only involve ourselves makes them so hard to keep?
🤨  We forget.
It’s that simple.

The solution really is simple – to remember what you want no matter what story your inner bully hits at you 🙃

Common stories our inner bully tells are – It’s not working, I should stop, I should give up. There’s a whole bunch of stories and your work is to uncover them.
It isn’t always easy, of course, because we’ve had years of listening to the bully.
The bully is LOUD.
We are used to hearing it and habitually respond with… Of course, I should give up, this isn’t working.
The work is to uncover what your inner bully is saying, this work is worth it and you can do it! 
Next time you hear your inner bully, pay attention – what are the stories. 
Then, ask yourself… Is it possible there is a different way ☝️
👀 Looking for a different way; stops you from beating yourself up and then it opens the door to see a different way. 
Try looking today…
I promised myself I would  _______________________ (what’s your promise… ask for a raise, lose weight, get fit, run a marathon, get a new job, write a book)
When that happens I hear my inner bully say  ________________________ (it’s not going to work, why bother, nothing changes anway)
Then DECIDE not to let your inner bully rule anymore.
Every time that bully speaks I will remind myself _________________ (Yes it is working… how will you respond and the story – more examples below)
Not believing there is a different way is keeping us stuck.
Being open to finding a different way means you DO find the way. 
Some different ways might be…
🤩 I am deciding to do it today.
🤩 I can make a difference
🤩 I will pay attention when there’s an opportunity
🤩 I am choosing to do this for my future.
🤩 It’s working, I’ll keep going.
It’s time to keep the promises you make to yourself.
Still feeling stuck? Check out the free courses here and be sure to reach out, I can help you keep your promises, come along to a free consultation and find out how.