Lynne Durham

A funny thing happened today as I was finishing my Puzzle.

A puzzle that has been sitting there for MONTHS!

Yesterday, being Saturday, I had the thought to finish it.

While putting pieces in here and there, I kept noticing my default thinking.

A thought that kept jumping into my awareness.

It was – Maybe there’s a piece or two missing – Maybe I won’t be ABLE to finish!

This was a new puzzle out of the box so not really likely.

It is true, there Might be a piece missing – and even if there were – finishing is when I decide I’m done, I could just pack it all away and decide that’s finished.

Because I live and breathe this mindset stuff it does come up – A LOT

I know there is only our mindset & our thoughts.

Then there’s what we do with our thoughts and how that makes us feel.

That drives the actions we take which get the results we get.

As in with my puzzle; I could have listened to that doubtful thought – which would lead to “why bother”.

Or, as I chose to ‘see’ it and acknowledge it was an old pattern.

Then, I chose to get back into the puzzle game and complete it, laughing at that old thought I was able to see and let go.

We all have thoughts that keep appearing and re-appearing – we get so used to them we don’t notice them.

Those thoughts keep us stuck.

We think they are true, facts, a given, something we can’t do anything about.

The thing is, whatever thoughts we keep having on repeat – 99% of the time they are not true!

I know we don’t like hearing this and it can be confronting. But if your coach doesn’t t tell you, who will?

If I don’t tell you, you’ll stay stuck, believing that thought which – ONCE we release it – we get to choose how to continue on.

Ok, I’ve gone on a tangent, if you’re still reading, and this is resonating with you (good or bad) get in touch.

This is the power of having a coach – we get to point the shitty stuff going around and around inside your head on repeat. As mine does with me every Thursday morning!

I will let you know what your thought patterns are and how to shift them.

All in a one-hour conversation.

It’s May, Quarter two is here – what are you going to change to make July fabulous?

Are you ready to stop working on yourself by yourself and shift your thinking?

Great, I cant wait to help you too. Connect here and let’s make a time for a consultation to see if coaching is for you!