What is it about decision making that has us questioning and doubting ourselves on default? Are you Making Empowered Decisions?

What is it about making decisions and what is empowered decision making? Have you ever wondered why making decisions can be so difficult?

Poor quality decision making affects our energy too, it can be so draining especially when we keep changing our minds.

Back and forth …. forth and back…. yes/no/yes/no

We either keep changing our minds AND then berate ourselves for the wrong choice.

Or keep listening to the inner chatterbox and hearing the constant barrage of unsupportive questions and doubts.

This all adds up to feeling more indecisive, or, worse, can lead to feeling like a failure.

Who needs more reasons to feel like a failure? Not me!

Have you ever heard yourself asking this one?

 “Why oh why can’t I just decide?”

And, all this indecision effectively stops us from making empowered and effective choices.

It’s partly the human condition simply because being wrong is “the worst thing ever.”

And it’s partly because we have sneaky thoughts restricting us.

A sneaky thought is one that limits us from doing the one thing we most want to do,

Say you’re wanting to

  • create a new relationship
  • get a new job
  • make and stick to a goal
  • lose the weight

And there’s a sneaky thought stopping you, such as

  • I must do the right thing
  • I must get the best place,
  • I need to do more and prove myself first
  • might fail… that is one of the worst

I’ve called them sneaky because often they’re hidden in the background.

Sneaky thoughts like these show up during coaching sessions.

And I’m not saying There’s nothing wrong with doing the right thing or getting the best place, doing more or always succeeding.

What I”m saying is; you need to see what’s driving your actions.

If being right or proving yourself is the ONLY way that you can feel successful then that leaves you limited and less able to try new things.

Thinking this way not only prevents us from making empowered decisions it also keeps us stuck in doubt and indecision.

We’re led to believe there is a wrong decision, making a mistake will be the worst thing!

I want you to know; NOT making a decision could be a worse thing.

Have you thought about your decision-making process?

Next time, I’ll share some steps you can take towards making more empowered decisions, or you can watch this video. 

For now, I’d love you to pay attention to your decision-making process and let me know what comes up