“The Universe Is Change, Our Life Is What Our Thoughts Make It”

This quote is from philosopher & author Marcus Aurelius who was born 1900 years ago and it still holds true today.

The universe is constantly changing and particularly within our personal universe, our thoughts do create our life results.

I often hear from people who experience anxiety about making the wrong choice.

And I’m sure, like most people, you’ve experienced those times when the self-questioning and doubt keep coming up around a decision you thought you’d made.

I have mentioned before, so long as you know how to evaluate.… there truly is no wrong choice; every choice and decision we make leads us to either learning or growing.

This is also in line with Byron Katie’s book Loving What Is – more about accepting the reality of life.

Make choices easier with a balanced life. Often balance means having emotional and mental support.

Aside from therapy or coaching, that support could look like joining a local meetup group and following your passion or hobby; for me, that’s a photography group that I’m pleased to see is starting to go out again after lockdown.

Maybe your thing is the weekly exercise classes where you get to chat with the other participants afterwards.

Or, maybe it’s your weekly or monthly catch up night with your friends.

Or, if you’re like me it’s a variation; I make opportunities for photography, walking, self-coaching, being coached and taking part in a mastermind!

Next time you are questioning or doubting your action, (apart from watching this video where I guide you) … how about asking yourself:

“Am I allowing myself space and support to process my emotions and life experiences?”

“Am I allowing my emotions to accumulate and create overwhelm and burnout?”

I have been to the place of overwhelm and burnout my friends and it isn’t pleasant. Don’t let that become your present.

For me, change began by taking responsibility to own where I was, and then to decide where I wanted my life to go.

Accepting our part in life and that our thoughts make it means we get to choose.

Choice available on which thoughts to take on and which ones to leave behind.

We do that by finding out which thoughts serve us and which ones don’t, and then, to decide what to do about them.

Which thoughts do you want to keep and which ones do you want to leave behind?