For me LIFE doesn’t work out if I don’t MAKE IT more FUN – does that happen for you too?

Living and having more fun means I am …

  • Walking 10k steps every day
  • Following my eating regimen & being healthy
  • Enjoying my work
  • Creating fun activities
  • Attending more events
  • Finishing work on time & spending more time enjoying home life

Knowing work and life balance comes from having more fun; I turned “making things more fun” into my jam….

The fun didn’t come naturally, that’s why I needed to learn the how and why I know you need it too!

Before I knew the how, when I joined a workshop or training I’d hear the facilitator say “…and this will be fun”

I’d always look for them to make it fun and I would never see it nor feel it.

It got to the point where I’d roll my eyes when they said …” and this will be fun”.

I became so sceptical, have you been there too?

And, surprise, surprise…

It was NEVER FUN. was it?


I learned a different way, I learned HOW to have more fun!


Things changed …

I discovered it was up to me (not them).

I discovered, almost anything can BE more fun.

I discovered HOW to make almost anything more fun!

I discovered I CAN make almost anything more fun!


I CHOOSE to make it more fun,

and IF

I choose to make it more fun, I CAN!

Do you know someone looking for more fun?  Share this email with them, creating more fun is always … more fun … with friends!

Let me know what more fun means to you because…

Knowing what MORE FUN means to you provides you with the first step to being able to go after it!