Hello! Happy New Years Eve

My coach challenged me to assess if I have achieved all I wanted to this year, to think back to December 2018 and note the changes.

To look at the wins and the not so wins (possibly could put losses but as you’ll see they might not feel that way.)

And so naturally, as any good student does, I am passing this invitation on to you and sharing some of mine.

One thing I always aim to be is non-judgemental, for my own results and for others.

Feeling good or bad about something is just a part of life, our judgement is what makes it a positive or negative experience.

The first step, as I mentioned is, listing 10 wins; what worked, what went well, what felt good.

One of the exciting things I count as what is working is how many times I showed up:

That includes showing up for my family and friends, for my clients and ultimately for myself.

By showing up I was able to lovingly accept support, education and coaching from my mentors, my coach and my business friends.

Another win is travelling, I aim to go overseas every year; in 2019 I visited family in Queensland, I held a retreat in Spain and attended a conference in New York and saw more of Victoria.

Maybe your year wrap up it is something you have already done, or are doing – well done, keep going!

If you haven’t, I highly recommend doing so, it is a way to learn and to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Continuing with the challenge; the next step is to list those things you feel haven’t gone so well….

What didn’t work or what you didn’t enjoy.

The thing is, that when we start by listing our wins, we create a positive mindset and our “what’s not working” seems to be so much less impact.

I have not achieved all I had wished for back at the end of 2018, and while it would have been great, I don’t feel disappointed because I am so grateful for all I have achieved.

Another reason I am grateful is that I have a system for assessing the things that have gone to plan, that did go well.

Having focused on and written them down, I get to feel the gratitude and enjoy them all again.

Gratitude is pretty magical the way it changes your brain chemistry and I’m happy to tell you more about that in a different email.

Wrap up 2019 focusing first on what worked and assess what didn’t work to learn from and find out what you will do differently for 2020.

Using this knowledge, you can shift into 2020 with more clarity around what is important to you, your goals and how you are going to achieve them.

I’ve come a long way, and you can too.

I am grateful for you being here, I wish you a fabulous & happy New Year and I look forward to connecting more in 2020!

Love Your Life!

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