“ I am enough “

I was asked how saying this type of affirmation is useful.

My response…

Watch what comes up when you say I am enough.. that will show you where your habit thinking is.

The brain (or inner critic, whatever you want to call it) will pop in saying … no you’re not looking at this evidence ….

And then it will go on to list alllllllll the reasons you’re not enough

  • – not enough money
  • – not enough friends
  • – not enough work-life balance
  • – not enough energy
  • – not enough weightloss
  • – not enough positivity
  • – certainly not enough fun
That’s when you pay attention

That’s when you get to see the conversation happening – the thought habits in your mind.

Thought habits, like any habit, happen on default and we are generally unaware of them because ….

they’re habits AND they feel true, they make you not believe “I am enough” statements.


Like any habit

When you are aware of them you get to decide if you want to keep them or make new ones.

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