Are you a fan of gardens? Some people love creating beautiful spaces; others love to visit beautiful places, and that’s me.

Sometimes the beautiful spaces are gardens, and other times they are beaches or forests. I am such a nature fan.

I didn’t know I was a sensory & visual person until well into my coaching journey, and I have led most of my life acutely unaware of most things.

Having rose-coloured glasses is one of the labels I’ve received. And, I guess being ignorant is another, and both are reasonably accurate.

I now know I LOVE visually glorious sights. AND I know they fill me up. Be it clouds, sunshowers, sunsets, sunrises, hot air balloons out my window in the morning or most aspects of nature. The sea, birds, flowers… I have loads of photos of what I consider beautiful.

I took the above photo on a walk through a paid garden – there’s so much to see!

As I write this, raindrops are clearly visible on my glass balcony as I overlook the sea. It’s a rainy day that is mostly grey out there, and there’s a break in the clouds on the horizon with the sun lighting it up before it sets.

Taking the time to see what is happening around me is new, and it is something I choose to do on purpose.

There are so many fab things that are new to me, such as last week, I presented my Be Happy Now talk at a Manningham Council networking breakfast. Next week I’m delivering at a Women In Logistics event. FUN!

Even a year ago, I wouldn’t have said yes, let alone be in a position to present without a script.

Now I’m different; I set the agenda, knew the main points, prepared a simple slideshow, and talked.

I know what I’m talking about and am passionate about helping you steer clear of burnout and drive toward your desires.

I spoke about how our brain is a tool, and we get to use brain science and neurology to know how to change our neural pathways. So it makes change possible.

And the three steps to Be Happy Now were included in October’s blog. You can read it here.

In short, they are

Know what burnout and balance mean for you

Efficient communication with your inner critic and your outer one too

Focus on fun

And now it is November! This year has 2 months left, and I hope you are not giving yourself a hard time about not being on track 🙂

As tough as it may be to accept,  I know that you are precisely where you are meant to be. 

I also know that by using the above three steps, you’ll move more quickly towards your desires, toward where you want to be.

Which is that for you?

  • confidently stepping into your new position
  • enjoying more respect at work
  • moving forward on that goal you set years ago

Align yourself with the three steps, and you will see the changes.

I’m here to help; contact me, and I’ll send you the handout.