Are you looking for your new affirming affirmation for 2022?


As with any intentional thought 

👌 you need to actually believe it …

👌 either it is possible or it is true…


And, of course, keep it FUN 🤩 

If you’re feeling aversions to an affirmation that you want, or

If you’re struggling to believe in the future you want. 

Nothing’s gone wrong. That’s just the humanness of staying the same. 

There are things you can do to help your mind change. 

Maybe you need a ladder thought. 

  • A kind of sub affirmation – a stepping stone 

Ask yourself- what is something that takes you one step closer to the full affirmation you are creating in your life? 

And use that 

On repeat 

😘I use my phone for fab reminders


❤️It’s the best when I get to turn off those reminders 


Then, begin a new one with the next step towards my full affirmation. 

Maybe yours is … 

I will lose 22kgs in 2022

Might not sound believable if you’ve wanted the same thing year after year. 

Think about the steps to get you the result – that might be eating healthier or moving more or working on your mindset (that’s the bestest of course)

Then join it with a higher more fun version of yourself. 

A ladder thought could be 

I will remember to have more fun in 2022


I will have a fun walk every day this week


I am creating my best more fun self in 2022

Do you currently believe your affirmation?

Drop an emoji to let me know if you’re leading 2022 with a more fun affirmation! 

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