Are you stuck in Groundhog Day?

Would you like a way to find something new? This video explains how you can choose one of these 3 things so you can jump out of bed in the mornings excited to start your day. By starting each day feeling good you will be moving closer to your version of fulfilment and joy.

Firstly, choose to do something every day that makes your heart sing – what do you love to do?

  • do you love to go for walks like me?
  • do you love to walk along the beach?
  • do you love catching up with family or friends?
  • do you love to knit or colour or listen to your favourite music?


Next option is to look at what you are tolerating, what are you putting up with? Look at ways this thing is draining your energy.

  • make a list of 1-3 things you are tolerating
  • start by choosing a simple one to work on
  • write or journal about how you can resolve this – choose a small step to start removing this energy drain


Thirdly, what healthful rituals do you want to bring into your life?

  • think about 1-10 habits you would like to include in your life – or to increase and have more
  • choose one of those that you would like to work on now
  • use a journal or have a discussion with someone you trust about how to bring your new daily habits into your life.


What are you going to start today? If this seems a little overwhelming, we can chat during a free discovery call, choose your time here.