Hey there!

Guess what happened on my morning walk last week?

Hint; there were 100km/hr winds overnight….

…my path was turned into an obstacle course and even though there was some damage, most of what I saw was tree parts across my path. So I went over and under.

I’m not usually into obstacle courses but this one was fun because it was so unexpected! (I really feel for all the work & damage this has generated :() And no heating is a problem… but we are ok!

It doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun.

Last week I mentioned a new challenge, don’t worry it won’t be an obstacle course, and I’m calling it a challenge because I will be challenging you to find more fun.

Step 1 to creating more fun right now, can you take a couple of seconds to create a list of what is currently fun? Some that come to my mind are;

  • Celebrating that you got to go out for lunch today (I hope that wasn’t just me!)
  • Taking a couple of minutes to catch some of the suns rays to warm you up (yep the big winds also brought freeeeezingness)
  • Anticipating my first bike ride since this lockdown started!
  • Reply and let me know what’s fun comes to your mind

Sometimes personal development feels like a never-ending chore. And who likes chores?? Not me!

The thing is, self-growth doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be fun.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be in this business, because having fun with all we do is non-negotiable.

When we are having fun, the work still gets done, and it feels effortless.

Step 2. Can you imagine what it’s like to make working on you fun?

That’s exactly what I have planned for you!

In the coming 5 days, 5 easy tools for a fun life challenge (and please, please, let me know your suggestions for a cool name)

Let’s get you aligned with your funniest self!

Step 3. Dive right in? You can join here we start on November 15th!

There have been enough storms, let’s bring back the fun in life, work, & play so you know how to smile and enjoy the moment again.

With love and fun!

if you don’t want to wait, why not have some intentional fun and book your life assessment so you can

  • Work out what your fun life really looks like
  • Find out how connected you are to your fun life now
  • Find out the next steps to become more connected to your fun life (now)
  • On The Call! – I take you through life assessment, in a similar way to my workshops; straightforward finding out precisely out what you need.

Here’s the booking link to your life assessment. you’ll answer some questions and get you in at a time that suits you!