Self-care needs to be a normal part of life: it’s time to Say Yes To You!

You’ll be empowering yourself by saying yes to you.

It is a necessity for maintaining balance, well-being, and resilience. Taking time for yourself is a powerful self-love that recharges you, ultimately enabling you to bring your best self to everything you do.

Creating normality means not feeling selfish while creating inner wellness.

I’ve been working on something amazing: the Relaxed and Ready Toolkit; it’s not quite ready to share.

Today, I’m sharing a simple form of self-care and a way I say yes to myself. 

Now, if that has you rolling your eyes, I especially want you to keep reading. 

These are so doable & rewarding!

  • Go for a coffee or take a 5-minute detour on the way to work to sit and watch the trees blowing in the wind. 

I find a few minutes of watching nature do its thing to be rewarding and resetting. 

  • Or perhaps putting on your headphones and bopping around your bathroom in the morning. 

Sometimes, when no one else is around, I skip the headphones, play it loud and jump around. 

  • Or parking further away from work and looking around to see what patterns the clouds are making or listening to all the different noises you hear during the 10-minute walk to work.

My phone is FULL of flowers and other nature photos.

Perhaps, like me, you do a version of them all. As you can see, these are small steps. 

Small steps create a change of “state” and, as such, cause a neurological shift. 

Movement, i.e. physical activity, can have both immediate and long-term effects on the brain and nervous system, contributing to changes in mood, cognitive function, and overall well-being. Switch up your position regularly!

As with all change, making it easy is the key. 

You might want to add movement to a current routine to make remembering easier.

  • Sometimes, it’s as simple as choosing morning, noon or night.

Consider looking at the time of day to create a regular ‘change of state’.

  • Other times, you can tack it onto another regular occasion, such as taking out the rubbish or brushing your teeth. 

Sticking new actions to a habit you’re already doing helps create new neural patterns. 

I value keeping things simple, AND it’s the easiest way to Say Yes To You

What a Win/Win! Now you’ve been reading about saying yes to you, what’s your favourite way?

Tap here and let me know, and have a great week!

 Lynne, xo

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