Lynne Durham stressed to naturally calm

Lynne Durham stressed to naturally calm


I am aiming to help you best manage the additional stresses many of my clients are experiencing.

Confidence and comfort come when you leave the worry behind, by becoming naturally calm.

Becoming naturally calm is about awareness; start by inviting awareness about the feeling you get from other people.

Being aware of how other peoples responses and reactions affect us means we get to choose to encourage our own optimistic emotions and limit the discouraging ones.

If you want to find out what preventing you from becoming naturally calm; ask yourself;

  • Are you ending a conversation feeling enlivened or drained?
  • Are you wanting to run away from a gathering because you feel so uncomfortable or does the time fly with you being present while loving, listening, laughing and chatting?
  • Are you scrolling social media and getting frustrated each time you see a particular person’s posts…. for no logical reason – or do the posts lift you up?

We can make changes by managing the time we spend with people who are draining us and maintain a social media feed so it supports us – we can remove what doesn’t feel good and insert what does feel right.

If you are looking for help making changes, schedule a free consultation.

We will spend an hour talking about you so I can understand what you’re struggling with and then we will talk about the steps you can take to get you to the place of being naturally calm and how I can help you get there. Email me at and let me know 3 times that work for you or book directly here