Lynne Durham Sphere Influence

Lynne Durham Sphere Influence

Find out what your Spheres Of Influence are to de-stress your mind.

As with all the tools I provide, this one is a very quick way to create change.

If you are noticing your emotions exploding more than usual this workbook is precisely for you.

Please know, with all that is going on, it is not a surprise if we are seeing more of our negative side.

That’s how our minds work; to revert to our default habits because our lizard brain yells out; “I need to stay safe” 

Of course, it (our mind) doesn’t have the smarts to know it is not helpful to vent at someone, it (again our mind, the lizard brain) just goes on automatic pilot and forgets to let our evolved prefrontal cortex take the lead.

It’s kind of like putting a learner driver behind the wheel of a bus and expecting them to

  • Navigate from one suburb to another without a GPS and
  • See in the dark with no headlights and
  • Drive competently

I mean, if you looked at all those things, we wouldn’t expect a smooth drive.

We wouldn’t expect the learner to take that on without help, it wouldn’t be fair to their driving confidence or their future driving ability.

It’s the same with our brains.

Leaving them (our minds) to fend for themselves, without new help for the new circumstances is unfair too.

That’s where this gift comes in, it is a workbook called Sphere Of Influence and you can download it here.

My aim is to help you help yourself to activate your prefrontal cortex and to de-stress.

Remember, I have come a long way and you can too, click here