Simply knowing meditation and mindfulness is good for me wasn’t enough… Then I discovered the Simple Steps Method and made it easy and achievable!

Making changes can be tough.

A few years ago, I discovered the way for me to succeed was to take small steps consistently. I now know; small steps make massive changes.


Maybe, like me, you have heard that meditation and mindfulness are good for you and you may have even tried the free 21 day challenges, like me.

Each time I would notice the benefits of spending 21-days meditating and over the years after many different start and stops.

I fully intended to keep the practice going but unfortunately each time once the 21-day challenge stopped. Nothing I tried would make me keep going.

Then, when I decided it was ok to meditate “my way” things changed.

Simple Steps Method To Meditation

Firstly, I never liked sitting up to meditate and a lot of gurus say that is the only way to do it. I feel like that is changing and giving myself permission to lay down whilst I meditated made a huge difference.

The second thing I did was to create a 2-minute long meditation. (I actually created it for my client).

Then, lastly, I set reminders on my phone to prompt me to do the meditation every morning. I can’t remember if I started once or twice a day, I know now it doesn’t matter because it worked.

That’s it! Once I decided my way to meditate was still good and worthwhile, I relaxed more into it. Fast forward three years and now I no longer need the reminder because I get to enjoy meditating every day (almost) morning and night for 20-40 minutes depending on what I feel like each time. I might even still use my 2 minute one if I’m up extra early for a flight.

If I knew, all those years ago how to create healthful habits I would have done them sooner.

Now I know, for instance, I’m learning Spanish so I’ll know some for my trip in June. I set a reminder that goes off every day and I hold with my commitment to spend at least 5-minutes on it every day. I’m not expecting to be fluent, but I do know I’ll have some key words which will help. I also know how much I am enjoying it – somehow the forced routine, like with meditation, has lead me to enjoy doing what started off as a task.

Small steps lead to massive changes

I hope this helps you on your journey, let me know here how you will use the Small Steps Method, will it be to start your meditation practice or to start something else?