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We all know there is a degree of stress and tension caused by our finances. It’s as if there aren’t enough reasons to be concerned about daily life. We don’t need to add to them. In my business, I provide avenues for more ease and flow so that we can focus on creating a more enjoyable life, Did you know suffering from the financial stress and tension caused by finances is optional? You know, those times when you thought you were having a good week and you get that bill for car insurance. Seemingly out of the blue! Or maybe, you’re like some people I talk to and prefer to keep your head buried in the sand thinking, “if I don’t look in the account, I won’t feel bad,”

We think burying our head feels better, but all it does is add to our worry.

Research tells us our thoughts about money create more stress than work or relationships; we are worrying ourselves sick over money.

Let’s change that! Start by taking this quiz to find out what your money consciousness story is and begin to reduce stress over finances. Submit your first responses to the below questions to find out;

  • Your current level
  • How this is affecting you, and
  • Steps to change

If you are tired of feeling on the back foot about your finances, take this quick and find out the shifts you can make to create a new story. The hard slog only gets you so far, and I am offering an alternative—a fresh look in an old issue. Let’s change our money stories together. Complete this quiz and get in touch with your money consciousness story and find out how it is affecting your finances and how to change it. It is often said; knowledge is power, and I’m saying; let’s take back the power and become financially literate

  • so that we can change our circumstances around money
  • so that we can release the tension and conflict and
  • so that we can welcome the ease and flow.

Finances don’t need to cause stress; there’s enough of that happening in the world; let’s do something to bring ease and flow instead!