What does living a better life look like for you? Let’s talk about how to live a better life.

It’s a new month; what plans do you have for August?

I have particular plans because it’s my daughter’s birthday this month and we’ll be out for dinner celebrating. Yay!

Of course, celebrating doesn’t need to be for a birthday, but it does add to the fun.

Birthdays may be thought of as the one day of the year we get to do as we please.

Birthdays are also a time for reflection on our lives – where we’ve been, where we are going, all the good, all the not-so-good.

Guess what? You know that you don’t need to wait for your birthday to reflect.

You can find out how to have a better life by looking at what’s working and what to do differently at any time, and I highly recommend you do, especially if you feel stuck in a rut.

Please look at this as your permission slip to evaluate.

You get to look at how you want to live and spend the next week, the next month or even the following year.

Have you ever wondered why we don’t want to look deeply into our limitations when we think about how we want to live?

Those limitations generally appear as if on autopilot;

  • I could never do that
  • It won’t work out
  • I won’t follow through
  • I don’t know how

In short, we’re stuck thinking, “this is the way it is, and I have no choice”.

Could you guess what I know to be true? It is; where you are now doesn’t have to be where you stay.

You don’t have to change ANYTHING for EVERYTHING to change.

The first time I was introduced to a better life, at the time, it felt completely unrealistic and impossible.

My turning point was when I was busting myself to fit into the mould & putting everything at risk.

I had no idea there was a better life.

I couldn’t even see there was a different way.

I hadn’t even heard of burnout and overwhelm back then!

I searched for ways of self-improvement through personal development courses and programs, and they were terrific and valuable, but ultimately they weren’t enough; they couldn’t do what coaching does.

Coaching is personal and specific to where you are and where you want to be.

Where you are now doesn’t have to be where you stay.

Working with clients, I SEE all the changes

  • From existing on the hamster wheel
  • From constant over-achieving & never being enough
  • From needing always to do the best and never feeling satisfied

The changes can be seen as

  • Choosing what to go after; what life direction to take
  • Realising they are in control and know how to change
  • Recognising they are enough and know how to support themselves

We aren’t able to get off the hamster wheel when all we can come up with are the what-ifs.

“What ifs” are so heavy – they keep us where we are.

“What ifs” are keeping you in the life you think you have to have.

“What ifs” are keeping you stuck.

The second a hope-filled question comes in – it is shut down with what if...

  • what if it doesn’t work out
  • what if I fail
  • what if I’m not committed enough
  • what if I’m not meant for more
  • what if this is all there is


So we’re left knowing there is something “off” but not knowing how to change it [of course; it’s not like getting unstuck is taught at school!!]


Usually, we can’t commit to a change until we know how – or so we think.


The thing is, we won’t know how until we are doing it.


And until we begin, it’s back to the daily grind…

– over achieving

– having to do it all

– having to be the best


Work can be all-encompassing.

Unhappiness can also be all-encompassing.


And it doesn’t need to be; what I know for sure is

You don’t have to change anything

you can keep the job

you can keep the income

you can keep the status

you can keep the partner/house/hobby/whatever

Keep hold of Everything

And …

Life can and will get better.


A better life is when you’re no longer

  • dreading that drive to work, knowing you’ll be stuck dreading going home at the end of the day.
  • waiting till the last minute to go to work.
  • counting the minutes till the end of the day.

No longer dreading that drive home, thinking having an accident would mean you won’t have to go back tomorrow.

No longer driving home stressing about how

  • you’re late
  • wondering, has anyone’s organised dinner
  • questioning, “does anyone cares about dinner because I don’t!”

No longer waking up during the night and panicking because not sleeping means you’ll be even more tired the next day.

The next morning, you’re feeling tired and back to dreading the day ahead.

And so the cycle goes on.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

There is a different way.

I didn’t know there was a different way, and I suffered from burnout.

I know this place well, which is why I care about stopping you from going through it.

The first time I was introduced to another way of doing it….

Back then, I would never in a million years believe there was another way that was not only better; it is wayyyyy nicer!

Back then, I was listening to the what-ifs.

“What ifs” are so heavy – they are keeping you on pause, unable to change

What ifs” keep us stuck in the life we think we have to have.

The second we have hope for change – it is closed with what if – what if it doesn’t work out.

Where you are now doesn’t have to be where you stay.

Working with me as your coach is when all of this changes


Working with me is your catalyst for a better life.


And it’s true; you can change everything without changing anything!

You don’t have to change your job

You don’t have to change your relationships

You don’t have to change your finances


With this one shift, I will show you life gets better.

Ask yourself, what is scarier –

  • Being in the same place you are now this time next year


  • Dedicating time and money to your growth?

I can show you that change isn’t as complicated or difficult as you think. Working with ease is always the option I recommend.

I can show you how to have the time for yourself and why you think you don’t already have it!

I will give you the tools so you can show up for yourself and your life and learn how to trust yourself.

It’s time to stop thinking you are letting yourself, the family, or the team down.

It’s time to learn another way.

I see you on a different level, and I help you see that too.

I care about you and your life becoming way better than you can imagine.

When we stop overlooking ourselves, we start creating the life we want.

A better life!

You can begin today by no longer accepting that you have let yourself down.

You can start today by finding ways you are already supporting yourself.

Don’t wait until your birthday; begin your better life today because you deserve it.

Clients living better lives are saying

Anna said: I feel stronger and more confident than before working with Lynne. I’m more aware of myself. I defined and adopted daily success habits, started meditating and started believing in myself even more.

Melinda wrote; I was extremely stressed and not sleeping and torn by how to personally manage and respond to the harassment and bullying behaviour directed at me. You helped me work out what I wanted and needed to resolve. Also to know I can keep myself safe and live a better life.

Rachel said: I have much better relationships with my family and coworkers.  I’m able to enjoy situations that were very stressful before like family meals.  In addition, being able to be present wasn’t something that I could do before that i can now.  

What if there is a better life waiting for you?

I’ve got you, and I am here for you, book your free consult today and get started living YOUR better life!