Create a Vision Board to achieve your goal.

What is your Vision?

Recently a client elected to work on visualising her goal to become financially independent.  Starting by using a vision board I identified three questions – I can see how they may help others searching for answers & they are below. Read them to yourself, simply modify them to apply to your goal:

  1. Why do I want independence?
  2. What will I do with my independence?
  3. Where will my independence take me?

The next step was to create a visual for each main theme in your answer.

Do this by any of the following

  • Create one for your office wall – Start by making a physical board using a large sheet (e.g. from a craft store). Next, browse magazines and newspapers to collect & then affix as many visual representations for each response as you can find.
  • Create a vision board on Pinterest – you can go to my guide here for instructions on creating a Pinterest vision board.
  • Use an online app dedicated to creating vision boards.

Finally, set yourself reminders to regularly check back and see that your vision board is consistent with your goals. If it is not, go back to step one and start again.

Consistently using vision boards encourages you in both knowing, maintaining and remembering your vision for your goal. If you would like more information book a call here.

This will help you to learn to keep your attention on your intention.

Let me know what you are visioning and how will you achieve it?