Happy September, I hope this is a happy time of year for you.

It is for me; it’s my sister’s and one of her granddaughter’s birthdays (her babies are my babies), and that means lots of celebrating – even though I can’t be there this year (again) due to lockdowns, I choose to celebrate with them from a distance.

Celebrating, with one secret and three gifts to end bad habits, for good. Spring is often a time for new beginnings, and the first gift is a workbook that makes it easier for you to begin new healthy habits.

And, if it’s fall where you are, you know that is an equally good time to sweep out the old and welcome in the new before winter sets in. You see, making a change isn’t about stopping bad habits; it is about starting wonderful ones.

The secret is, you don’t NEED to stop bad habits; they will naturally fall away when you BEGIN new habits.

As I mentioned, the first gift is the New Beginnings workbook. A comprehensive guide to new habit creation.

And, if you want to start a specific new routine or habit, I have two journals ready for you.

Gift number two, click here for a 30-day Gratitude Journal with daily prompts and quotes for inspiration. And the third gift is a Sleep Better Ebook, where you get to explore what is working in your sleeping patterns, and it comes with a sleep tracker.

Remember, what we focus on expands, and truly, anything you want to begin is possible.

If you’d like to share these gifts with friends, please do! They will be so glad you dod.

Go ahead and get started on your new routines.

Chose one or all three.

Which step is going to be your New Beginning?