Have you ever felt you need or want more sleep?

I’m pretty sure that is something everyone has thought and felt the effect of at one time or another.

I, for one, used to say it a lot. Now I get to enjoy my awake time and my asleep time knowing it all works most of the time.

13th March 2020 is World Sleep Day.

There are various activities around the world to promote the day and this year’s motto is Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet.

I have found my sleep has improved using specific methods and tools, and, when I share them with my clients, I find, as would be expected, for each person some work better than others. (I have listed my three steps below.)

If you are ready click here to apply for a consultation where you get to find out what’s keeping

World Sleep Day: Lynne Durham

World Sleep Day: Lynne Durham

you stuck and what to do about it!

Research tells us about the importance of Sound, Restorative Sleep, this information is from the World Sleep Day website;

  • Good quality and restorative sleep are essential for day-to-day functioning. Studies suggest that sleep quality, rather than quantity has a greater impact on the quality of life and daytime functioning.
  • Healthy sleep in children will improve the child’s overall wellness and development. WORLD SLEEP SOCIETY has created the 10 commandments of Healthy Sleep for Children, available at worldsleepday.org.
  • Poor quality sleep has a greater negative impact on health, well-being and satisfaction with life than the quantity of sleep a person gets.
  • Quality sleep is responsible for alertness, improved functioning the following day and a better quality of life.

Today I want to share my 3 steps to great sleep

First, I agree with the statement – a problem shared is a problem halved.

Even purely sharing with yourself! Start by journaling about your sleep and keeping a record of your sleep times. Like me, you might be surprised by how this simple act helps your sleep.

Second, binaural beats & more – I have created my own Spotify playlist for sleep. Some nights I play it softly all night. You can find it here.

Third, is to focus on what you can control: your thoughts! I have discovered worry about sleep loss, and sleep deprivation causes even more sleep loss and tiredness. You may have noticed that as well. My tool for that is coaching, and I recommend you find out what is going to work for you as soon as you can.

I am here to help; let me know where you would like further information, or click here to apply for a consultation where you get to find out what’s keeping you stuck and what to do about it!

I have come a long way, my sleep is now unrecognisable from a few years ago, and I know, if that’s what you want, yours can be too.