What are your triggers, today we’ll look at SHOES!

Who left those shoes in the hallway???

I know to some of you this is triggering, and to others, it is a meaningless question; that is how I see the topic is neutral.

My tip is for those who are triggered, the others might like to insert their own trigger (e.g. beds being made, rooms being tidy, rubbish taken out).

Being neutral doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter, far from it, through my work, I am all too aware of the resulting stress caused by occasions of shoes left in the hallway and the like.

It has been known to create over 20 years of stress, which builds up and up until it is released, and who wants to be around when it is?

The solution is to make a start …..

· Start by acknowledging, maybe, there is a different way.

· Start by noticing, how is it making you feel?

· Start by taking 3 deep breaths

You will be taking the first steps and be on your way to moving a deep-seated pattern and freeing yourself from this occurring stress trigger that affects your life.

I’m not saying shoes in the hallway don’t matter, nor that this is easy, change never is. In the words of Albert Einstein

                         “Nothing happens until something moves.”

Will you start moving your mindset today? 

If you want to discuss how to shift your triggers, let me know and we can arrange a time to book a free call. Or email me at lynne @ lynnelife.com

Together we can work out your next steps. 

I’ve come a long way through coaching and you can too