You look at your friends and ask “how come they’re happy all the time?”


Happiness looks different depending on your viewpoint.

Take a look at the dictionary definition for happiness;
– the state of being happy.

Happiness and unhappiness are states of mind and therefore their real cause cannot be found outside the mind.

Living with a peaceful state of mind, we are ultimately happy regardless of outside circumstances.

Three steps to a peaceful state of mind.

1. Healthful daily habits. Taking steps each day towards your mental and physical health creates a proactive mindset – with the knowledge and appropriate actions of being in control of your self-care you have tools and resources to cope with daily unexpected circumstances.

2. Having clear goals. Knowing how and having the knowledge you can achieve your goals clears the path and removes tolerations building up preventing your peace of mind.

3. Celebrate! Remembering to celebrate all your wins, big or small; if one of your goals is to meditate daily and you took 5 minutes to meditate this morning – great! How will you reward yourself when you achieve your goals great and tiny, long term and present day?

Each one of these doesn’t happen overnight, they take desire, commitment, and perseverance. You can, of course, achieve them on your own or you can do it with an accountability buddy or invest in yourself with a supportive and encouraging expert.

I feel so lucky working with wonderful clients who start out feeling stuck wondering if this is all there is and wanting help to be able to see and map out what really is possible …  I’m here to tell you there is more!! Check out the FB live I did this week.

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