There are times when we all wish we had more confidence and so, feeling we lack it turns seeking confidence into a task.

The truth is we all lack confidence at one time or another.

For those times when we are searching more confidence, the key is to build your confidence muscle.

Today I am sharing my five steps to confidence;

  • Awareness; know your thoughts
  • Commitment to change
  • Work on your thoughts and get coaching to answer your questions every time they come up
  • Go out and test your changes; be an observer in your processes
  • Assess your results; tweak & redo

The thing is to bring awareness; how are you feeling and what are you thinking during those times when you think you lack confidence.

When you start looking at these five steps you can find the solution, or, get in touch & together we can work out the solution.

Believing in yourself and boosting your confidence is an awesome way to speed up achieving your goals.

I recently gave a talk and had a really good time doing it. Only a few years ago I would never have dreamt I could actually ENJOY speaking to a room full of about 40 people – only using a PowerPoint and a couple of note cards to prompt my topics.  It is pretty amazing for me to think of how far I’ve come. Between receiving coaching and working on my confidence I now get to enjoy public speaking.

As I shared in my last email, I have developed a five-step process for you to follow if you are looking to improve your confidence and self-esteem.  Today, I’ll share with you more about step one.

Starting at the beginning, making small changes you can make a difference. Diving into the first two steps;

Step 1: Awareness: Know your thoughts

    • Start by noticing your thoughts
    • Notice your themes, repetitions
    • Notice if they are positive/negative – or you may call it; good/bad comfortable/uncomfortable warm/cold
    • Take notes – keep a diary or journal of what thoughts are running around in your mind all day and night.
    • Notice the patterns 
    • Notice the differences focusing on your thoughts makes
    • Be aware, constantly and consistently 

One of the things I always look for during a coaching session is the effect of a particular thought. Paying attention to the feelings your thoughts create leads you to know if the thought is serving you or not.

Starting at the beginning, making small changes you can make a difference.

Step 2: Commitment to change

    • Make a decision
    • Make a plan and commit to following it
    • Be prepared to work through challenges
    • Commit to the resources needed (time, money, ego)
    • Commit to having fun and enjoying your change
    • Accept no excuses, only results…
      • When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstances permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” ~Author Unknown.

Simply connect with me if you want clarity or more information on any of the steps: or we can make a time for a free chat here.

I’ve come a long way, and you can too!