You can make your desires a reality

You have likely heard that what you focus on expands, you can use journaling to focus on what you want to expand, grow & manifest.


Definition of a journal – –  a daily record, as of occurrences, experiences, or observation

As with meditation, there is no standard format for journaling, you cannot do it wrong. As long as you are writing, anything and everything is right!

You may like to…

  • Treat yourself to a specially purchased book,
  • Or use a notepad, or any spare paper (kept in a folder)
  • Or use a tablet, pc or phone or app
  • download my Journaling page here

Therefore the only requirement is to write something – 3 words or 3 pages it is up to you and how you feel, the more the better (within limits!).

If you do not feel like a writer, you may enjoy starting with writing lists:

  • First, decide on your topic
  • Then, write a list of 10 ideas or as many things around the topic as you can think of.
  • If your list leads to a different topic keep writing lists about the new topic – or save them for another day when you’re stuck for a topic.

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Journaling can also be used anytime you want to work through a problem or an issue or a discovery.

Here is a suggestion if you want an example of allowing free writing

  • Take your book and pen to a coffee shop and order your favourite drink
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes and keep writing until the timer goes off
  • Free write anything that comes to mind without judgement or  – even if it doesn’t appear to relate to your intention or topic, hence, anything to keep writing.

You can set the timer and repeat it for as long or as little as you like; why not try different times and see which ones feel best for you.

Alternatively, choose a topic of the day

  • Write a list of inspirations or ideas or problems or anything
  • Divide them and put in a jar
  • When you have a spare 5 or so minutes, choose one,
  • Take out your journal and write as much as you can about the topic of the day.

Keep going as long as you can, once you’ve written all you can, look over what you have written and highlight or make a post-it note of anything that stands out or if there are any insights.

The more you use journaling the more your writing will flow, writing your gratitude can be the start towards adding a valuable daily habit we can discover in another blog.

Journaling can be used to resolve issues, help make decisions, record special events, the list goes on.

Now you know most of all how much benefit you can gain from journaling; how will you use journaling to win?


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