I discovered balance and you can too, here’s how…

Begin with seeing what is happening so that you can start now…

Having a job you love, having a partner you love doesn’t mean you can find joy. 

Maybe you’re

🤨 Eating healthy for a few days then crashing… and… too much wine..

🤨 Having trouble waking up in the morning

🤨 Sometimes it’s a struggle getting anything done.

🤨 Thinking, something must be missing




I discovered balance brings more joy and you can too, here’s what to do…

* Decide you deserve and can have more joy now

* Focus on what is already working – there is something!

* Figure out what brings more joy, make a plan and take the next smallest step towards achieving more joy

* Measure & celebrate your successes (the brain loves to forget)

* Fiercely protect your dreams (keep believing) protect your decision to have more joy

* Keep going!

How you may ask?

❤  practice

❤  remember your choices, make sure they are YOUR choices

❤  be kind to yourself when you forget (you are human)

❤  work with a coach to speed it up

On that last point, reach out here to find out how to get yourself there quicker!

Lynne Durham Life coach Melbourne Work Life Balance

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