Are you making decisions the easy way?

Hello, this article is for you if you are aiming at creating new thoughts & decisions.

I really wanted to call this “Decision Making Made Easy” and I feel that might be comical to you.

I do know decision making can be made easy if you want it to be.

For instance, the ultimate in easy decision making is to keep doing what you’ve been doing – no decision needs to be made.

Of course, we all know that means keep on getting the same results. And that is fabulous if that is working for you and it is what you want.

The next level of decision making is also easy if you accept that you’re going to go against your brains safety mechanism (our lovely brains main aim is for survival… and the easiest way is to do the same thing… see above).

Going against the normal might not feel easy at the time, this is where using tools is important to make it more achievable.

It is ultimately simpler to be uncomfortable if you know it will result in change. Ask yourself, if I had a guarantee of results; what decision would I not make?

A long time ago I made a decision to be vegetarian, that decision was an easy one for me but the execution was not.

Taking my new eating plan into the world meant sharing it and that meant receiving judgement and comments and discomfort.

I cannot say why people feel the need to comment on my eating choice when I do not comment on theirs, it seems by choosing something “different” it made me a target.

And so, I know I needed to go against my brains ‘autopilot’ to keep me safe and I needed to create my life and processes to enable that to happen.

Now over twenty years later, times have changed and even though vegetarianism is much more accepted I still hear comments although, I know, they are generally nothing to do with me.

Which of your 35,000 decisions are you making easy?

We make decisions every day; should I get out of bed, now or in 5 minutes, what will I have for breakfast, do I really need to get out of the shower (it is harder in winter!) And that is only a few of the 35,000 decisions the average person makes every day.

It is no wonder our brain is always looking for the ‘easy path’

Back to, decision making made easy;  when you are aware that your brain will seek out ways to simplify things and make things “easier” you get to be in the driver’s seat.

If you have the thought “I want to make a change” (making the change as specific as possible) and are armed with the knowledge “My brain avoids change” you can catch it when your brain steers your thinking back to the “normal & safe” course.  After all, it is just saving you the additional decision-making work – in theory. It sometimes takes a while for our brains to catch up to the new thoughts we want to create.

The solution is to enhance your awareness and keep your focus on the change you want to make.

Ok, I’m not saying it will happen overnight, but I am saying it is doable and, ultimately, once you’ve made the change you want; you (and your brain) will also see it as easy because your brain has caught up and now that is the new normal to keep up with.

That was a lot of information about your brain, I hope you can tell, I’m passionate about creating change and making it easy?

Comment below and let me know what you are deciding on and how you are making it happen, or, if you’d like some help with clarity or making things happen & we can make time to chat. I’m going to give you an hour of my life to help you start transforming yours.

I’ve come a long way, and I know you can too!