An amazing thing happened last week.

One of my mottos is; Small Steps Make Huge Changes.

It is something I get to say often in client calls. And the reason is, that it continues to be true.

Small steps create possibilities and inevitabilities.

Last week, it has shown up again in my life!

I moved homes – that’s not the amazing thing, although it is absolutely amazing.

The amazing thing is that nearly three years ago, I had a dream to live by the sea and I set my phone screen saver to a view from a window overlooking the sea… and here’s the amazing thing. I now have that view!

This is how your life can work too when you live with intention.

We plant the seeds and with a combination of

  • letting them go (meaning there is no attachment or strong holding) and
  • nurturing them (meaning we live in possibility, create a plan and take appropriate steps),

We get to see them happen.

I do want to add. Even with the amazing result: life is still 50/50 – this past week has had a fair share of things not going right. Tiredness, exhaustion and even a yuck drama on the beach (that had nothing to do with me but I saw it).

So, in today’s email, I’m aiming to share with you how this happens.

I’m sharing parts all month on Instagram like I did yesterday here too.

Making a change, such as moving house, often starts with an idea, a nudge, a twinkle in your eye or a nagging thought in the back of your mind.

The thing is when you have that thing, life (or the universe, or your family) will keep on reminding you, and may even kick your butt until you listen.

This happened to me years ago; I was not listening when I needed to change my career. That was my one thing.

I didn’t listen because I had all the worries.

I now know, that letting worries stop doesn’t work! Especially the questions and what-ifs…

  • Will I ever be truly happy?
  • What if this is all there is?
  • Will I ever settle down?
  • Will this ever work out?
  • Am I wasting my time?
  • Am I going to fail?
  • I should be further along?
  • I should be doing more?
  • What if I miss out, again?

What’s your one thing?


That one thing living in the back of your mind.

That one thing that keeps coming up no matter how often you push it down or away


What is your one impossible thing?


For me, “there must be something more” kept coming up, again and again. It had different guises, and essentially they all lead to me knowing;


“I’m not doing what I want to do”


I didn’t even know what I wanted to do! So I tried to find out.


  • I had conversations with friends … or anyone who’d listen
  • I took loads of personal development courses
  • I learned lots of tools
  • I kept on being blank about what I wanted to do
  • I kept on doing what I knew

I kept on going until it burnt me out

This is what impossibility looks like.

My thoughts were along the lines of…


  • I’ve put so much time into this career, that it is impossible for me to find another one.
  • It’s impossible to earn this much doing something else
  • It’s impossible for me to re-train into something else, I didn’t want to and didn’t think there would be anything as good.

And that impossibility led me to also think

  • I have no idea what I could do anyway
  • Why bother, there are no guarantees, it will just be the same even if I do change so I might as well stay the same
  • What I’m doing pays really well, I’d be stupid not to stay
  • There must be something wrong with me, everyone else manages just fine


Then, the worst thing happened.


  • I stopped having those conversations
  • I no longer cared about possibilities
  • I no longer thought about impossibilities
  • I was done
  • I was burnt out


So, eventually, I listened. I found out the hard way.


Of course, I still didn’t know what I wanted to do but now I KNEW it was going to be something different.


Kind of by default, I’d reached possibility, even though I didn’t know what my future held.

Similar to a client’s recent transformation where she was afraid to say out loud her ultimate goal weight – it felt impossible.


Since working together this lovely client has not only passed her initial goal – the best bit is, that she has moved through possibilities and can see her next and the goal beyond is inevitable!

And this is opening the door to her acknowledging and seeing the possibility of achieving her ultimate goal. I can’t wait for her to see that one as inevitable because I know that’s coming, I am so proud of her!


All with the coaching ripple effect of experiencing reduced stress and increased calm in her life. She said…

“With Lynne’s help, I was able to become aware of what I wasn’t seeing & to make progress.”

So, are you wondering where you are on the possibility scale with your one thing?

First of all, are you clear on what your one thing is?

If you aren’t sure, I’ve got you.

Here are some that come to mind from conversations I’ve had with clients – you might see yours in here, or, as often happens, reading this may help you remember yours.


  • Dreaming of your next promotion
  • Wanting a new or next career
  • A new employer
  • Wishing to become an expert in your field
  • Is there a book inside wanting to come to the surface
  • Setting & sticking to an exercise schedule
  • Sleeping well
  • Communicating for better relationships
  • Having more hobbies/fun
  • Time to be with just you & not feel selfish
  • Booking a big holiday
  • Buying a home
  • Feeling calm at the end of the day
  • Feeling calm at the beginning of the day

Is your one thing listed?

You do have one, we all do, and, when you think of your one impossible thing – can you believe it’s possible or even change to it is inevitable?

Another of my impossible to inevitable journey’s happened with my daily exercise.


I used to hear about people and their 10 thousand steps a day and thought, basically, what a waste of time. I didn’t get it.


I honestly believed it was impossible for me.

It didn’t matter that I heard regularly about friends who were doing their daily 10k steps… including my mother-in-law.


One day I decided to give it a go. Once I decided, I saw there was a possibility.


I started walking.


And I kept walking.


And, I saw my step count go up – I added a bit of research along the way asking people how long they walked and how they did it. [often in 2 batches] and I worked out what worked for me.


And I began to see the probability that I could walk 10k steps every day. Seemed crazy at the time!


I also took in some coaching around time and self-care, it wasn’t all “just do it”,


Next, and for the past 2 &1/2 years, 10k is a part of my everyday life.


It’s interesting to think how far I’ve come using small steps when it is now not only inevitable, it is a non-negotiable.


Almost every day, I am human, there are times when it can’t happen (such as recently when I was in an all-day seminar).

When I started seeing what was possible, I got on the path towards it and it became probable & lead to now being inevitable.

Without the coaching and being able to think it is possible, I would never have reached the place where I am now; 10k is done every day.

When you think of your one thing; let’s look at where you are on the possibility scale – how likely do you think is it possible?

I love using the scale with clients because we can so clearly see where the work is.

The path is

 * Impossible *  Possible *  Probable * to  Inevitable *

Now ask yourself; how likely do you think your one thing is possible. Rate yourself based on where you are currently

  • Impossible would be a 0-3/10
  • Possible would be a 4-6/10
  • Probable is when you’re at 7-8/10
  • Inevitable is 9-10/10 

Another client’s journey to inevitable had experienced a traumatic event 15 years prior to coaching with me. He had decided it was part of his life because he’d spoken to different therapists before and had basically given up thinking he could get over it. [Impossibility]

He came to coaching to deal with an unrelated incident.

After about 4 months of working together; he reached a full-blown relief. Not only did he improve his daily life, routines and self-care, and he also realised he was able to let go and recover from the 15-year prior trauma.

During his journey, he shifted from “impossible” to “possible” to done (inevitable) with his realisation he “WAS over that old issue and more able to cope with the current one”.

His self-realisation and relief were huge!

His small steps created huge results.

His response to coaching was “You’re amazing and thoughtful and great at putting me at ease with issues”

I am so proud of his willingness to choose to support himself and live in support of his life

The steps aren’t always clearly laid out but they are always there. 

This is a process and it can be used for most desires, most dreams, even those whispers you dare not dream, such as

  • Starting new relationships
  • Changing or improving your career
  • Achieving weight loss
  • Choosing and continuing challenges
  • Making decisions
  • Processing arguments or other strong emotions
  • Planning holidays
  • Creating exercise plans
  • Being able to relax & relieve stress


Have you worked out what your impossible one thing is?

I genuinely want to know because not on my watch am I leaving you feeling stuck ~ unable to create a change that you know you want ~ even if you don’t know what to change!

So, back to my original question, what is that one thing nagging you that you believe is impossible?

Let’s bring it out

Let’s view the stuckness

Let’s shine some light on it and

Together, let’s find out how to make it inevitable

I’m ready, are you? Simply book today and we can get started.