31 Days of Positive Affirmations

The easy way to create your day in a positive way with done for you Affirmation Meditations
Are you tired of coming up with your own ideas?
Do you want an easy go-to resourse?
Is it annoying to have to think of a affirmation every day?
Are you asking: can someone just send me a something to say today?
Flow through each day focusing on a positive affirmation
Know what to say when you want to relax and unwind
Set yourself up for success by focusing on today’s affirmation
A new and effective affirmation every day along with a post or colour in mandala

" Every day in every way I am getting better and better "

Included each day is a printable reminder post or a colour in mandala to inspire you to remember your daily affirmation.

Yes, I'm ready, please send me 31 days of Positivity Inspiring Affirmations, Posts & Colourings for only $7!

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What happens Next?

You will be directed to the payment screen and will start receiving your daily affirmation emails.

Be ready to fill your days with positivity, verbally, visually and actively.

How will I use the Affirmation?

Daily Affirmation emails include both an audio and either an image or mandala colouring page you can print or set as the background on your phone or computer. You may also like to set a regular reminder on your phone with each day’s Affirmation.

What if I want more?

Let me know what you’d like to receive or join our next Mindset Magic Course for more inspiration. Or jump into a one on one discovery session and find out what other options are available to suit you.
Hi, I’m Lynne Durham and I like it when things are easy to do. I’ve done the reading and there is enough research to show meditation doesn’t need to be fancy words or written in Sanscrit. A while ago I found success using my own words to create positive affirmation meditations. Then I would take note of what my clients wanted and I was able to help them to use their own words as affirmation meditations for more success & achievements. Now I have created these done for you daily affirmations for you to bring more positivity into your life.