Goal Setting Made Easy

This worksheet shows you quick and easy steps to create focus on what matters in your life.



Are there times you struggle to know what to do?


Do you put off planning because that takes to much time? 


Are goals just things ‘other people’ have?


Do you find goal setting too much work?

You will love knowing how to plan the things important to you

You will now have a way to manage your focus to ensure your success 

Know you are heading in the right direction

Feel great knowing you are on track!

You Will Be Able To Relax Reconnect And Focus On What Matters Most! How Will You Spend Your New Found Time?

This is for you if:

You are struggling to know which direction to go, what to focus on today.

Or, you starting to think to have an achievable goal is only for everyone else.

This is not for you if:

You are a goal setting master – but it could add variety if you want it.

F.A.Q. Answers

No experience is needed – you will be able to create your own simple weekly attainable goals.

After you add your details you will receive a link & an email with the downloadable worksheet.

Hi, I’m Lynne Durham and I like it when things are easy, I’ve done the reading and there is enough research to show goal setting doesn’t need to be fancy words or written in BOLD.  A while ago I found solutions by using various tools, then I would take note of what my clients wanted and I was similarly able to help them find their way with more success & achievement. Now I have created this simple worksheet to help you to do the same.

p.s. I love hearing how creative you are in creating & achieving your own goals, remember to join the We Can Make It Work here and let me know.