Begin Your Success!

Follow these easy steps and learn ways to grow your confidence with more 

Success, Happiness and Joy.


Are you a Motivated and Fabulous Professional dreaming of achieving your goals and up-levelling your life?

Do you want to stop holding yourself back and move forward with more confidence, happiness and joy?     

If your answer is yes, you are in the right place to learn how to find your confidence and learn to truly love yourself and enjoy your life!

Begin Your Success!

Following my easy steps you will learn ways to grow your confidence  with more 

Success, Happiness and Joy.

“I feel stronger and more confident than before taking the course. I‘m more aware of myself. I defined and adopted daily success habits, started meditating and started believing in myself even more. Also, I made new business friends” 
Anna, North Row Consultancy

Are You Holding Yourself Back?

When asked what was holding them back 100% of survey respondents advised it was ME/MYSELF!


You can choose to make a change.

When you join this group coaching program you will discover the tools so you can start taking the action steps which will move you forward, feel sure about what you are doing and be excited for what is to come.

“The questions posed in the exercises stimulated internal questions about myself. The opportunity to elaborate and hear from others were very valuable and provided alternative perspectives. I believe I have it in me. I just need to dig it out.”

“Self-care has improved. I have sustained closer relationship and harmony with family members. My thinking is more open. I can accomplish things when I make a commitment to myself.”

Within this 4 week course & through my exclusive coaching you will receive:

  • Weekly online coaching meetings set at a time or times to suit the group

  • Academy membership platform access

  • Downloadable worksheets

  • Membership in private Facebook group

  • Homework set to accelerate your success

  • Weekly FaceBook live & q&a

  • You may choose to create a roadmap to continue your forward momentum

  • You will also receive a Bonus complimentary 20 minute Laser Focused Coaching Session

  • Plus my continued support along your journey.


Investment: 274.00 *

Apply now to register your interest for the next Confidence Reset.

Alternately, book in for a complimentary discovery session to see if this course is for you here

By applying you are agreeing to be notified about the program.

* The next price increase will change to 374

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Together we can dream big!

My name is Lynne Durham, I am passionate about assisting professionals to up-level their lives and create healthier, happier & more joyful lives, to be able to step into the next level in their career & business. 

Join me on this 4-week coaching program to let go of fear and be excited to have your future in your own hands.

Happiness Is A Habit

Let's Cultivate It!