Relationship To Money

Reset your relationship to Money

so that you can discover a future you didn’t know

was possible!


It’s one thing to decide you want to more money…

It’s another thing entirely to be able to organise

your finances to create additional wealth

Here’s the thing;

We don’t have a path to wealth creation until we have a relationship with our money story.

What is keeping us from that story?

If you’re like most of my clients,

It’s not managing what’s happening around your financial EMOTIONS.

If this is you, I totally get it!


  • Feeling weighed down under the constant feelings of lack, never having enough
  • Being sure they should be giving everything to everyone else
  • Fearing even if they make it “big” the money will be taken away
  • They don’t know how to move past the feeling that life is never going to change
  • Maybe, this is the way it has to be



That was me….

I was constantly battling

  • The bank balance every month
  • Kind of hoping and wishing there would be enough every time
  • Just scraping by
  • That feeling of dread each time a bill arrived
  • Knowing something wasn’t working
  • Trying to fix it by working harder and earning more

Wondering, if only I could win the lotto?

When will that magical great aunt leave me a stack of cash?

I just couldn’t figure out how to make a difference. 

Now I know


  • We don’t know what to look for because we aren’t taught about having a relationship with money
  • We carry around the shackles of failure, and guilt. 

  • We turn lack and failure into a habit of never enough. 

I tried lots of courses and solutions.

Some seemed to work for a while but they never seemed enough, I just couldn’t figure out how to really change

From my experience, I have created a system and broken down the steps for identifying and shifting the old lack money habit.

And now,

  • I am not concerned if an unexpected bill arrives out of the blue because I KNOW I will be able to pay it. 

  • Our debit has reduced to such an extent it is now negligible.


I created the E.A.R.N. model.


So you can stop guessing at how to create more and simply follow the process to create your new Relationship to Money Mastery!

Are you ready to finally Create a Future you didn’t dream was

even possible?



The LIVE online video course to guide you to a future

you didn’t even know was


Using the E.A.R.N. model, I will show you a simple process to identify specifically what is draining your finances and what you can do to create change.

This is what you need to know to be able to release the limitations and find the freedom you desire.

The Details

When you sign up for the Money Mastery program you’ll receive immediate access to the online course. Click the GET STARTED button and be taken to a payment page; complete payment and receive access to the pre-work right away.

We will spend 6 weeks on coaching your mind to Money Mastery!

Next round starts Tuesday December 8th at 5 pm for one hour each week. 

You will receive a new worksheet and focus each week.

Call recordings will be available if you are unable to make it to a call. 

Once you’re in the program, you’re in – for the life of the program. You’ll have access to the online course for as long as it is available and all updates or additional content added is included free of charge.


Module 1 E.A.R.N

  • E.A.R.N. Model
  • Awareness of what is happening now
  • Realise what isn’t working
  • Energetically connect with your bank account

Module 3 eArn

  • A:  Activate your money balance
  • Identify your desired thoughts and test how true they are for you
  • Assess what your current thoughts are achieving
  • Activate the thoughts do you want to think

Module 5 earN

  • N: Nail your project 
  • Next steps to move forward 
  • Monitoring progress
  • What to focus on next

Module 2 Earn

  • E: Easily identify what is in the way
  • Pull the light back so you can see the whole board.
  • Establish your world view and decide what you are going after.

Module 4 eaRn

  • R: Run new healthy money habits
  • Use the habit checker to identify your money habits
  • Realise which habits support you
  • Letting go of old habits that don’t support you

Module 6 E.A.R.N.

  • E – Everlasting new habits
  • A – Activated money = Activated life 
  • R – Rinse and repeat
  • N – Now: where to next

Your Investment: $497

Using the E.A.R.N. Model you will discover your path to confidence each week. 


E. Establish Your way into awareness

A. Attain YOUR income producing thoughts

R. Relate to money YOUR right way

N. Notice YOUR results, & know YOUR next steps

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Bonuses courses and content

Instant access to the library of training: “Future State” Visualisation, “Finding Calm” meditation,  the “Finding time” ebook and action chart and more!

Discover how to channel your lack focussed inner doubts, to transform from existing as a tired, taken-for-granted, self-doubting mess into a significant, future focused achiever.

Hi, I’m Lynne Durham and I like it when things are easy and fun!

I won’t ever go back to not having awareness of my bank account.

I’ve done the practice and there is enough research to show creating more money is possible when you know how AND have support to make it happen.

This is what I use for myself and with my clients to help transform lives to enjoy more success & achievements.

Now I have created the E.A.R.N. program for you to do the same.

Thank you, Lynne for your beautiful coaching sessions and program that helped me to bring me closer to my “true self”. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you and learning from you!”

Alison in Brussels

Meeting Lynne and taking one of her programs, brought so much joy, love and care to my life and helped me significantly work on my entrepreneurial mindset and self-care. Thanks to her guidance and coaching, I’m more aware of myself. I defined and adopted daily success habits, started meditating and believing in myself even more.

Anna in Netherlands


Will this work for me?

  • It will if you choose to allow yourself the time; one hour each week online (or catch up in replay) and a few minutes per day to do the worksheets.  You will discover how to create your Money Mastery.

What if I can’t do it?

  • You can! My intention has been to create a beginner-friendly course. Knowing we all start from a different place; some of us need a little more effort than others. Everyone will benefit from this course – it is a matter of degrees; you will be able to put in the right amount of effort that you need.

How does the program work?

  • When you sign up, you will receive an email with links to the on-demand bonus material and worksheets. We will all start together 5pm on Tuesday 8th December. The course is all laid out in easy to follow steps and I am available for questions within the group or by email.

Remember, spending time on yourself is what you are currently not doing, so just committing to this course will start your own transformation.

What’s next?

  • After you click the button you will be taken to the purchase page.