Taking Back Your Energy Begins By LETTING GO!

It’s one thing to decide to live a fulfilled life…

It’s another thing entirely to have a reliable

way to live a life you love.


Keeping you from that life you love is holding on to what’s

draining you in your personal and professional life.

Let me guess, you're feeling...


Weighed down under the nasty feelings of resentment, anger, hurt or blame

Overwhelmed by doing everything for everyone else

Lost without the tools to let go

Nothing is ever going to change 


And the sad part is I keep hearing you feel like you don’t have a choice and maybe, this is the way it has to be this way

If this is you, I totally get it.

There is a pattern of carrying the past around like



We don’t know what to look for because we aren’t taught that there are things weighing us down.

We carry around the shackles of failure and guilt.

We turn “holding on” into a habit.

I created a system for identifying and shifting that habit and broken it down into simple steps.

You can stop guessing at how to let go to simply follow the process & gain more energy.


Hi, I’m Lynne Durham and I like it when things are easy and fun!

I won’t ever go back to losing myself in the lives of other people or workplaces.

There is enough research to show how letting go is not only possible it creates change and release the weight when you know how AND have support to make it happen.

This is what I use with my clients and I am able to help them to transform their lives to enjoy more success & achievements.

Now I have created this easy program for you to do the same.

Are you ready to finally LET GO?



The online video course to guide you to a future you didn’t even know was possible. 

A simple process to identify specifically what is draining you and how you can let it go – what you need to know to be able to release the shackles and feel the relief you desire.


Your Investment: $15

The Details

When you sign up for the Letting Go program;

Click and be taken to a payment page followed by immediate access to the online course.

Once you’re in the program, you’re in you will have unlimited access to the program.

Including full access to the course and all updates or additional content added is included free of charge.


8 Modules: Letting Go

  • How to identify what you are holding onto.
  • How to let go of what doesn’t serve you, instead of having it rule you
  • How to support your decision so your success is inevitable 
  • When you let go you will be able to build stronger relationships authentically (even if you are an introvert)

Learn how to channel your inner millennial, the one who always get what they want, to transform from existing as a tired, taken-for-granted, self-doubting mess into a significant, self-loving and successful woman.

Thank you, Lynne for your beautiful coaching sessions and program that helped me to bring me closer to my “true self”. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you and learning from you!”


Meeting Lynne and taking one of her programs, brought so much joy, love and care to my life and helped me significantly work on my entrepreneurial mindset and self-care. Thanks to her guidance and coaching, I’m more aware of myself. I defined and adopted daily success habits, started meditating and believing in myself even more.



Will this work for me?

  • It will if you choose to allow yourself the time; even 10-20 minutes at a time to watch the video and do the worksheets.  You will discover how to let go.

What if I can’t do it?

  • You can! My intention has been to create a beginner-friendly course. Knowing we all start from a different place; some of us need a little more effort than others. Everyone will benefit from this course – it is a matter of degrees; you will be able to put in the right amount of effort that you need.

How does the program work?

  • You will receive immediate access to the course and worksheet. The course is all laid out in easy to follow steps and I am available for questions within the course or by email.

Remember, spending time on yourself is what you are currently not doing, so just committing to this course will start your own transformation.

What’s next?

  • After you click the button you will be taken to the purchase page.