Sparkle All The Way!

With Holiday Rescue!

Hey, there!!

Does the mere thought of the holidays make you want to hide in a quiet dark place? Or go find a deserted island to bask on whilst it all blows over?

If so, rest assured: You are NOT alone!

In fact, I’ve been hearing from so many people who were struggling when it comes to their holiday plans.

They’re totally cool with whipping up a dish (or outsourcing one from the best shop) or putting up with the visitors or even putting on a brave face during family gatherings, but when it comes down to it they were each dreading the holidays coming up and couldn’t find a way out.

They basically went into INSTANT overwhelm – and then REALLY wanted to hide away and maybe drink a lot of wine (or caffeine, or both) to make the reality go away.

The FAB news? Holidays & holiday plans don’t have to be overwhelming or turn you into a “preferred” wine store client (no more than normal anyway!) There is a solution and once you know it, you can stop freezing up when it comes time to make plans for your holidays because you’ll already know exactly what you want to do and say to create harmonious plans and sparkling Ho Ho Ho.

Sound like a dream come true? Then keep reading because you’re about to transform into a holiday sparkling superstar.


My dream holiday has just been cancelled, what now?

How do I figure out and execute my dream holiday?

What do I want from a holiday and how can I get my partner onside?

I’d rather not celebrate christmas this year but have to for the family.

My dream holiday plans have collapsed – how can I cope?

Your long standing loved holiday plans are cancelled


I know how to create the perfect holiday after

  • Disaster hits
  • Your well-made plans were ruined
  • Unexpected family arrive

I can cope with my partners worst holiday plans.

I know how to make the best of my partners worst holiday plans.

Let's focus on creating your version of a great holiday – we will find out what that means for you and what works for you whilst "surviving" or maybe "ignoring" everyone else’s terrible interruptions or crappy plans.

Do you love the holidays, but feeling stuck with someone else's plans? Or, has your dream holiday been cancelled and now you can only see disaster on the horizon?

I’m sure you are nodding your head right now.

That is why I have set aside time over the next couple of weeks to help 5 people in my community. This is a limited time offer to set you up for a sparkling holiday.

Once you book your first call below (you can jump right in here and do) we will hop onto Zoom (link is provided) and:

  • Identify ways you can personally create your ideal version of the perfect holiday.
  • pinpoint the biggest thing that’s been tripping you up, and sabotaging your efforts
  • Give you an actionable step, to start turning things around as soon as this week!

I have set aside time over the next couple of weeks to help 5 people, I can’t wait to connect! Simply select your timezone and book your time below.

“It did make sense and helped me. See I’d rather not celebrate Christmas this year but have to for the kids, and it helped me to imagine the holiday in a totally different way. Thank you”
- Sharon

Lynne has a warm and non judgemental approach to coaching. She held space well for me creating confidence and trust. She helped me to move forward in my thinking ”
- Ben

Create Fabulous Holidays

Do you want to create a strategy for your best event and holiday ever?

Find out what you need to set in motion today to ensure your holiday’s sparkle.

You Can Enjoy Your Holidays

Have you ever attended a celebration that you really didn’t want to go to?

The holidays are around the corner, do you have a strategy to enjoy them?