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Which Personality Archetype Are You?


  • The Doubter
  • The Striver
  • The Achiever

Each archetype has unique traits and tendencies, let’s explore how these impact success and happiness.


The Doubter:

This archetype tends to question themselves and the world around them and may struggle with self-doubt and indecisiveness.

They may be highly analytical and require more evidence or reassurance before taking action.

Doubters can be cautious and thoughtful but may miss opportunities due to hesitation.

The Striver:

This archetype is driven and focused on achieving their goals.

Often high achievers and may set very high standards for themselves. Strivers are often willing to put in long hours and work hard to achieve their objectives. However, they may struggle with work-life balance and may become overly focused on success at the expense of their personal lives.

The Achiever:

A strong sense of confidence and self-assurance characterizes this archetype.

Achievers tend to be highly ambitious and may have a clear vision for their future.

They are often good at networking and building relationships, which can help them to achieve their goals. However, they may also be overly competitive and may struggle with perfectionism.

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