Imagine A Life

Where You Are Able To Leap Out Of Bed

Every Morning

Feeling Happy & Ready For Your Day …

Waking up is a struggle, having nothing to look forward to, and needing to get up and go about your day. 

Hitting the snooze button every morning, even though we all know it makes NO difference!


Are you feeling uninspired and tired all the time?


Do you feel like a failure, because you can’t make any real changes in your life?


Does it seem like you’re constantly losing at this game of life?


Are you thinking you SHOULD know how to fix this but don’t?


Do you sometimes feel stupid, after years of achieving & being successful, to have reached this point?


Is life disappointing and you want to know how to change?

I get you, you are in a place I know well.

There is nothing worse sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else living and enjoying their full lives.  

It wasn’t until I figured it out myself, that I even knew there was another way and just how many people are looking for it.


Introducing, the Love Your Life course

This course looks at significant areas in your life and provides you with a step by step method to work through transporting you into your new life: waking up with a smile on your face!

This is not about listening or watching instructions you’ll never do, because; we all know shelf help isn’t working.

This isn’t about sitting like a pretzel saying crazy ohms for hours on end because, well, why and who’s got the time? 

This is about using practical tools to create the kind of life you’ve always wanted. 


Fully structured modules complete with video and written instructions and worksheets to provide the exact steps to move you towards your transformation.


With weekly live group coaching calls where you are supported and focused on what you want to create. On-line by phone or computer, and they are recorded if you can’t make the call live. 


Feel supported via a private Slack channel and separate Facebook group for comments & Q&A outside the group calls where inspiration, sharing, celebration are encouraged!


Joining with like-minded people on your journey creates fun and comradery. You don’t have to do this alone. 


You will be connecting and achieving growth whilst being championed by new friends from around the world.

THE MODULES: Goals, Balance, Habits, Energy, Procrastination, Letting Go, Relationships And Your Vision
  1. Goal Setting!
    • So that you can plan your time and your future and know the steps you want to take
  2. Life Balance
    • See what area you are doing well and what area needs a boost
  3. Daily Habits
    • Identify new success daily habits to support you towards your goals and your life moving forwards
  4. Energy Zappers
    • Identify what’s draining you and holding you back, you’ll find more energy to move forward with
  5. Take Stock & Take Action
    • Find out those nagging ‘shoulds’ and frustrations and see what you really want to be doing both personally and professionally
  6. What’s Draining You
    • Identify, explore & let go of what’s holding you back and why. De-clutter your life and free up energy to use for you and your goals.
  7. Procrastination Busting
    • Finally, get that thing done! With this module, you will find the motivation, or at a minimum, take the edge off those unpleasant tasks we all need to do
  8. Relationship Detox
    • Boost the relationships that support and energise you and reduce time spent on toxic ones that drain you
  9. Three Month Vision
    • We wrap up with identifying what you want to work towards and we’ll work together to create your vision for the next 3 months

I was impressed by how much we all had in common, I think we all thought we were somehow failing at something that should be easier, so it was reassuring to hear that other people in the group struggle with similar things and procrastination is not just me.


And these bonuses!


Printable affirmation cards to create your future presence.

Journal Prompts

Journaling prompts so you always have direction.

Timeline planner

A daily planner so you know what to do & when to do it.

Tracking Trello Board

A Trello board to keep track of your progress.

Before coaching with Lynne, I had no idea I was able to change my own life, I never even knew I wanted! Now I am living the dream.


I enjoyed the questions posed in the exercises, they stimulated internal questions about myself. The calls provided an opportunity to elaborate and hear from others which was very valuable and provided alternative perspectives.


The call last week made all the difference to me being able to handle things, previously I would have lost it. 




You want to create a more intentional life and don’t know how to or what direction to take


You have tried all the shelf help books and they haven’t worked


You are ready for a change


You are open to new ways of doing things


You might even enjoy personal development


You are ready to put in!

This is not for you if….


You are a chronic sceptic


You blame everyone else for your situation


You don’t want to change


You are not open to new ways 


You aren’t interested in personal development


You collect courses and don’t use them

About your coach

Lynne is a Love Your Life coach partnering with professionals to make the transition from merely existing, stuck in groundhog day, to loving life, and enjoying feeling present every day.

Lynne’s coaching is for you if you feel like life is passing you by, and it’s getting worse each year. Imagine no longer dragging yourself around, and instead, being excited about your day and what you will be doing.

“Being an entrepreneur is not always easy and glamorous as it seems. Being always on the go, taking care of your business, projects and and family at the same time, there is never enough time for self-reflection and self-love – the most important factors that bring us closer to our true purpose and success in life.


Meeting Lynne and taking one of her programs, brought so much joy, love and care to my life and helped me significantly work on my entrepreneurial mindset and self-care. Thanks to her guidance and coaching, I’m more aware of myself. I defined and adopted daily success habits, started meditating and started believing in myself even more.


Thank you, Lynne for your beautiful coaching sessions and program that helped me to bring me closer to my “true self”. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you and learning from you!”

Anna North-Row

North-Row Consultancy


When does it start?

Upon purchase, you will receive complete access to the course area which already has all the materials. The bonus live group calls are scheduled for Thursday mornings (Aust/Asia) Tuesday afternoon/evenings (US/UK) 

I'm busy with work and family, will this work for me?

Choosing to spend time on yourself will be your first transformation. Giving yourself 30-60 minutes a week you will see magic happen.

Do I need a computer?

Access to the material is via phone or computer. You may also choose to receive the modules and worksheets via email.

How long to I keep access?

The idea is for you to get as much as possible from the time we spend together. You will have access to the material until you complete it and are ready to move on.

What is the refund policy?

It is my intention for you to achieve exactly what you came for if you are not completely satisfied, connect with me and we shall discuss an alternative or a full refund. 

I'm not sure I can attend the meetings, will this still work?

All meetings will be recorded for you to listen at your convenience. If you have a question you may ask ahead of time and , in my experience, someone always asks a question that relates to you.